Colorado Earthship Build: Day -3 (more traveling)

Well, after resting our eyes in a motel that we stayed at in Lansing, MI (Did you know that Lansing is the capitol of Michigan? I didn’t know that.) we’re were off bright and early in the morning for another full day of driving. This time we got away just before 08:30.

Technically speaking, the hotel we stayed at provided breakfast, but as is usually the case, it’s all bread related: bagels, muffins, pastries or cereal. They did have some pathetic looking sausages, but we ended up skipping it (though I did steal an apple). There was a grocery store right beside it so we went and got some supplies from there instead.

I was riding shotgun today and I was supposed to be taking pictures. I did, but I missed a few. For instance, I missed the sign that said “Welcome to Indiana” (I blame the fact that I was feeding the driver at that moment). However, I took this picture so you can see the country side.


Exciting eh? Miles and miles (or kms if you prefer) of corn and soy fields. Spattered here and there, you find these places in the distance too.


Those huge buildings in the background are what are commonly know as CAFOs in the US. That’s confinement animal feedlot operation for the uninitiated. In Canada, we use the term ILO (Industrial Livestock Operation). Whatever you call them, they’re a bad idea. How bad? Well, pages and pages of stuff have been written about it; documentaries have been made; radio shows have aired… you get the idea. You can do your own research, but if you want somewhere to start, check out the movie Food Inc.

Moving right along, I did manage to snag a picture of the sign as we entered Illinois (yay me!).


It was more of the same: lots of fields of corn and soy and some CAFOs too. Mostly it was drive, drive, drive.

I will mention another thing I found odd: there are so many shredded tires on the side of the road (sometimes in the middle of it too). We’re not just talking a bunch every so often. We’re talking a continuous smear of rubber pieces almost non stop since we crossed the border. Actually, the only place I really noticed a break in the debris was when the road was under construction. I guess it gets cleaned off when you rip off a layer of asphalt.

This is not to say that I haven’t seen shredded tires in Ontario, because I have. However, it’s usually an occasional thing.

Oh, the other thing, that was really disturbing, was to see dead deer carcases on the side of the road that had obviously been there for a considerable amount of time. I don’t know if we have people up in Ontario who’s job it is to clean those up, or if other animals come along and drag them off, but I have never seen such decayed corpses just left to rot on the side of road. Ugh.

Anyway, I digress.

We made it across Illinois and finally got to St. Louis, Missouri, which is right on the boarder. I didn’t snap a picture of the sign, but I did get a picture of the famous arch. I was even able to get a profile of Kat in it too 🙂


We then proceeded through town and across this funky bridge over the Mississippi river.


I have a shot of the river too.


I don’t know what the river is like at other parts, but it was dirty and full of debris where we crossed it. That is quite unfortunate as I’m sure it was quite lovely at one point in time.

After that we drove for another while and then it started pouring rain. About that point we ended up at Kansas City and decided to stop for the evening. We found another hotel and then went out to find somewhere to eat. This has been a real challenge for Kat and I but as luck would have it we ended up at small fish restaurant that turned out to be much better than we had expected. Bonus for us.

After that, it’s back to the hotel where I get to do some more work and then eventually tell all you nice people what we have been up to 🙂


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