Colorado Earthship build, day -4

With four days to go before the Earthship build in Colorado begins, we headed out from Maynooth and started our long trek down south. We still had a lot of packing to do in the morning, so we didn’t get away until 10 to 11:00.

We made good time and aside from a missed on-ramp in the Toronto area, we didn’t have any navigational issues. We decided to do the border crossing down in Sarnia and I’m glad we did because the view was quite picturesque.


Ahh, a nice sunny day, waiting in line for customs. It moved pretty quickly so it didn’t take to long. We rolled up to the booth handed our passports over to the officer and the basic questions began.

“Hi there, how are you today.”

“Great, and yourself?”

“Good. Where are you off to?”

“We’re heading down to Colorado…”

It was at this point that my passport got swiped through their computer system and the siren started going off. It was then that I thought, “this is probably not a good thing.”

And I was right. I got to put the truck in park, place my hands on the wheel where they could see them, carefully open the door and back up with my hands in the air to the officer behind me and then I got the pat down. I put my hands behind my back and I got hand-cuffed and escorted into the building so they could do a more thorough check on me.

You see, I have a really common name: David Wilson. There are a lot of me out there, some of them are less than savory fellows too, apparently. So, unfortunately, the rest of us have to deal with a few rotten apples, as it were. About 60 seconds after I entered the building, I got cleared and the hand-cuffs were removed.

Then I had a lengthy interview with a border agent about why I was spending a month in Colorado to build house and not get paid for it. He wanted to know about Earthships so I gave him quite a few details. At the end of it he said, “well, you’ve certainly done your research.”

I got to sit down with Kat (who didn’t get asked any questions at all) for a few more minutes while they did some more checking and then put a flag on my passport so hopefully this won’t happen again. Unfortunately, when your passport changes, that flag disappears. Interestingly, I didn’t have any of these problems when I flew down to the US at the beginning of June.

Oh well. It was interesting to say the least, not to mention I now have this fun story to share with you 😛

Build starts on Monday, three days and a few hoursto go.


One thought on “Colorado Earthship build, day -4”

  1. Welcome to the wild west, pardner! ; ) And you ain’t even IN the west yet! Sorry ’bout your experience, but in this day and age, it’s better to be safe……..than sorry. Glad you’re on your way. Drive safe! Mums

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