Where have I been?

Going absolutely insane, that’s where.

Here it is July and I’ve missed June completely. June started with me being sent down to the US for work. What was supposed to be a “three day trip” ended up being almost three weeks. We left the trailer on the 1st of June and we didn’t get back until the 20th.

In addition to all of the traveling, both of the projects I was working on while in the US aren’t going well. I’m still working 12+ hours a day trying to fix and get things done, but it’s just taking forever. Should I mention that I’m heading to Colorado for an Earthship build on Thursday? Yeah, that’s gonna make all of this even more fun.

Being away from things I haven’t been able to update everyone where we are with the trailer projects. I will try to rectify that now.

As far as the roof over the trailer goes, it’s looking more roof like now. We have rafters up.


This was taken back on May 3rd, which will give you some idea how out of date I am. By the end of the following day, it looked like this:


Snazzy, huh? We have a nice sizeable area at the back where we will be able to stack fire wood once the roof is finished.


Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten back to working on it since then, so it looks just like that right now.

In addition to the roof work, I did a lot of work on our composting toilet room. Here is a picture of it just after I got the door hung. There were a lot of things that went wrong building this thing, but I have to say, putting the door on went really nicely.


Here is a later picture after I got the knob and latch installed.


I still need to put the metal on the roof of it and finish up the areas at the back for the solar electrical components. We did sign up for and have installed large format propane tanks to serve the trailer and the heater in the toilet room. It can’t compost very much if it freezes, so we need to keep it heated. I did put 9cm (3.5″) of rigid foam insulation in the walls, ceiling and floor, as well as vapour barrier and I also filled in the cracks with spray foam, so it’s about as insulated as it’s ever going to be.

The toilet is actually in the room as well, but I still need to hook up the overflow drain and attach the vent stack before we can inoculate it get it up and running. That will all have to wait until we get back.

Let’s see… what else. After I got back from the US, we headed up to the cottage for our annual family get-together. Luckily Kat did a post on that on her blog. What she didn’t mention was that we took our generator with us so I could continue to work while we were up there. So much for a relaxing trip up to the lake.

Last weekend we headed over to Parry Sound, which is a lot closer for us than a lot of the rest of my family. We were heading there to attend a wedding celebration for my Uncle and his new wife. Technically, they got married last winter, but this was the official get-together for family and friends. Kat posted about that too. And yes, I worked through that trip as well.

Right now we’re trying to get ready to drive down to Colorado while I’m glued to my laptop for work at the same time. I think my brain may explode soon.

It is my intention to do a post everyday while we’re in Colorado, like I did when I went down to attend the Earthship academy. We’ll see how well that goes.

Just keep breathing, yeah, that’s it.


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