Where’s the earthship stuff?

Hey, I thought you said this blog was about Earthship stuff?

That may be a question that has crossed your mind if you’ve been reading my blog for a while. Not much Earthship news as we haven’t managed to start building ours yet. However, I do have some interesting Earthship related news to share.

Kat and I took a journey recently (i.e. Saturday, April 25th) down to Ottawa to attend a meeting of the Earthship Ottawa meetup group, of which I am a member. The meetup group is managed by Agata Bedynski, who is really on top of things. There are always events going on related to Earthships, sustainable building and living.

The meeting we attended was quite fun as there were a lot of people there (roughly 50 or so). Some of them are further along on their Earthship builds than we are, and one of them is really close to Kemptville, ON. The Graf-Levac Earthship is being built by Bob Levac and Marie Graf. Bob was the one who ran the meeting and did a great presentation on basic Earthship stuff. Their blog is a bit out of date, but they have pictures up of how far they got last year (first few courses of tires).

There is another Earthship being built down near Mallorytown, ON by Jay and Erin Martin. They also have a blog that will be covering their progress. They don’t have many posts yet, but I know they will be pounding tires this summer.

There were some others at the meeting who were much like us: have land, but working on the design and permitting stage. All in all, it was a fun gathering and we got to meet a whole bunch of new Earthship enthusiasts.

As for Earthship news related to us, Kat and I are heading down to Colorado in July to participate in an Earthship build there. This is a great opportunity as it counts as my second session for Earthship Academy graduation and the Earthship being built is a two-tier design which is the same type we want to build. No better way to learn than to get hands on experience.

You can be sure that we will have lots of Earthship related content in July 😉


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