Sung to the tune of Feelings by Julio Iglesias (amoungst others)

Nothing more than blogging
Trying to get some
Blogging posts done

Words across the screen
Trying to get my
Blogging posts done

Blogging like I’ve never posted
And blogging like I’ll never post this
Again on my blog

Oh, oh, oh, blogging
Oh, oh, oh, blogging
I’m posting again

Well, now that that is out of the way, here is just a bunch of random stuff. First all, for all you rock and ice climbers out there, here is a picture of the icewall that can be found in Bancroft.


It’s not just near Bancroft, it’s actually in town. I never really was interested in ice climbing (the gear is just too damn expensive), but for those of you who are, it’s quite the spot apparently. I saw several groups going up that spot over the winter.

What else…

Oh, yeah. I mentioned a few posts back how the pond beside our driveway had decided it wasn’t happy there and cut a trench through it. That has now been fixed and you can read the sordid details over on Kat’s blog.

As you may imagine, spring is in full force here, getting closer to summer. Not only do we have a tonne of new birds hanging around, the trees are all leafed out and we have some pretty awesome flowers going on too.

Like this red trillium


White trilliums are the official flower of Ontario. They are quite prolific in spring in forests. How we managed to get red ones, I couldn’t tell you, but they are pretty neat.

As well as the trilliums, we have a large section of marsh marigolds.





Pretty snazzy huh? And we didn’t have to plant any of them, they just came up on their own, like they’re wild or something. Go figure. Nature, doing nature things. Who’d a thunk it?

Speaking of thunking, here are two individuals doing some really serious thunking.


I’m not sure what they were pondering, but the universe hasn’t imploded yet, so I think we’re still safe.


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