It’s warm, let’s start building things

It’s been too long and I have too many things to write about. There will probably be a number of updates over a short period of time. We’re house sitting at the moment so we have copious amounts of electricity and internet bandwidth. Time to take advantage of that.

Let’s start off with the weather. Things are really warming up. Most of our snow is gone now and we’re into the soggy time of year. Yeah, this is the time when the ground turns into mush and your driveway starts to wash away. Oh well, maybe not your driveway, but ours is getting pretty close. Wanna see?

This is the state of the pond beside our driveway.


At the bottom of this picture, you can see where a trench is starting to form.


And here we have the end of the trench where the water is gushing out from under the driveway. Look Ma, no culvert necessary!


Yeah, that’s a disaster waiting to happen. So Dave, what are you guys gonna do about that? It seems pretty serious. Yes, it is, but not as bad as needing a new engine for the truck. Yeah, that’s right. We thought we had fixed the coolant issue with our truck last year, but apparently it was only a temporary reprieve. We ended up having to replace the engine. It wasn’t cheap, as you can imagine, but our truck is a 2004 so used engines for them aren’t exactly super expensive. Ours was $850.00. Of course there are all sorts of gaskets and other parts, not to mention labour that goes into changing an engine. We ended up paying around $2700, which all said and done, isn’t bad at all.

On the other hand, Kat was out today running an errand and the brakes died, so we had to take it back in. It’s never one thing at a time, that’s for sure.

Let’s see, what else… Oh yeah, our generator started making funny noises and was smelling hot so we had to take that in for some servicing. If you haven’t been following along, the generator is our main source of electricity (until we get the solar panels up) and without it not much gets done in terms of building projects or employment projects. We haven’t heard back yet on the generator, but it only went in yesterday.

Speaking of building projects, with the warmer weather, I have been working on our toilet room. The front wall is done. The two back side walls are in and the roof framing is on as well. Here is the screenshot so you believe me.


The next step is to finish off the back wall, run some electrical lines for the lights and then start enclosing it. Oh, I should mention I bought a framing nail gun and it saves you a tonne of hassle when you’re working either just by yourself, or with just one other person. Not needing an extra hand to hold the nail in place and also not needing to hit the nail several times before it makes the connection is totally worth the money.

Not much has been done on the roof, as my help has been unavailable and I am more at a loss with the roof in terms of the overall plan. I know what the next steps are, but I don’t have any experience properly measuring a rafter with a bird’s mouth cut. I must admit, it is a bit frustrating to have all of these nice days and not making any progress. That’s why I’ve been working on the toilet room as much as I can to make up for the lack of progress on the roof.

If you think all of the things breaking has us feeling depressed, don’t worry, we’re not. We keep things in perspective and know that everything eventually balances out.


That is what I call a well balanced breakfast: it’s a yin yolk 😛


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