Surviving the winter in a fifth wheel trailer

It’s March now, the days are longer, the sun has been shining and the temperatures are much more moderate. As a result, we aren’t burning nearly as much wood as we were in February.

February was cold. How cold, you may ask? Well, there were many news reports saying it was the coldest February on record in the last 102 years. We constantly had temperatures at night that were down close to -30C (-22F). The trailer being what it is (not insulated, not skirted, no extra roof over the top and crappy single pane windows) was not the most ideal place to be during this weather. We did manage to make it through though. After a while, it just kinda becomes routine.

I will say though that the power of passive solar gain was greatly impressed upon us. During the days when it was sunny, and there were numerous days when it was, it would greatly help in heating up the interior of the trailer. This is especially good when neither Kat nor I are particularly motivated to get up early (especially when I spend all night getting up to feed the fire).

There was one day in particular during February that was an awesome day: Feb 10th. On that day, the sun came out and it was “warm” for lack of a better term. It wasn’t above freezing, but you could really feel the power of the sun when you were standing outside in it. It was such a nice day that Kat and I chose to make use of our snow shoes and go on a walk about the property.

Here is me, basking in the lovelyness of being out in the wilderness, listening to the birdies and enjoying the scenery. Or something to that effect.


When we reached the open area at the top of the big hill on our property, I took some scenery pictures. Mmmm, pristine snow fields.


I love how this next picture turned out, considering I couldn’t really see what I was taking as the sun was in my eyes. There is a lovely sunburst at the top of the picture shining on to all of that beautiful snow covered landscape. Couldn’t have taken a better picture if I tried.


The sun wasn’t the only thing that was shining. Just look at the beaming smile on this odd form of wildlife that kept following me around.


I don’t know if y’all remember, but there is a lake on the neighbouring property to the south. Want to see what it looks like during the winter? Here ya go:


Pretty snazzy, actually. I love those rolling vistas of undisturbed snow fields. It looks so clean, like a fresh, white table cloth. Ah well, things are warming up, the snow is melting, we’ve had some rain so we’re quickly moving into spring.

Now all we have to do is survive the next set of challenges: all that freakin’ water making our firewood wet.


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