Construction update

With warmer weather upon us, it has allowed us to get back to working our our construction projects.

For the roof over the trailer, Gerald and I finished the beams across the middle and back set of posts. Now we just need to do a bit of adjusting on the front beam, due to some shifting during the winter, and we’ll be all set to start putting up rafters. Once that starts happening, the roof should progress much quicker. Which is good, because we don’t want to be out there working on this in May when the bugs arrive.


I have also been working on our toilet room. I managed to scrape off all the snow and finish the floor at the back. Once that was completed I put up the center wall. A few days after that I added the two side walls. All of this you can see in the picture below.


The next part, is to frame in the wall that will have the door in it. After that, I’m a bit stuck, as the framing of the walls for the closet at the back will have to wait until we do enough work on the trailer roof such that we can remove the bracing, as there is a brace on one of the corner posts that goes over the back corner of the toilet room. Theoretically, I could move it now, but with the ground still frozen and things being as they are, I’d rather not mess with it.

We’re scheduled to do some more work on it late this coming week, so hopefully we can get to the point where we’re rafterizing the roof (I love making up new words :P)


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