Welcome to Winter

Wow, another post already? I know, unbelievable isn’t it. I had a few more pictures to share and found myself with a few moments so I thought I would share.

We had an awesomely beautiful winter day so I decided to take some pictures outside. Here we have a generic winter forest photo.


Pointing the camera 180 degrees from there, you can see all of the bracing for the roof over our trailer and all of the other notables we have with us on the property: truck, truck shelter, wood shelter, bird feeder, shipping container and a few benches that are accumulating snow.


We are extremely grateful for Mr. Doug Olmstead who is the guy we hired to plow our driveway. He’s also the same guy who did our driveway modifications back in the summer, as well as dragged our shipping container onto the property and has provided us with a number of loads of gravel. Handy guy to know in our area, for sure. Here is a picture of our lovely plowed driveway.


I mentioned last time I didn’t have any further construction pictures. Well, here is a picture of where things stand right now. You can see we have all of the posts up and the beams across the front and back. Next we need to cut the center posts to proper length then put the beam across it. A few other straightening and locking down operations on all the posts and beams then we can start to put the rafters up. Once that starts it should go quicker as all of the finicky parts were making sure the posts were square and level, along with the beams and so on. Lots of measuring, leveling, putting up string lines, measuring again, you get the idea.


I do have to mention this one neat thing we used when figuring out the proper level of the posts. They don’t make 12m levels, so generally you would use something like a site level (also known as a builder’s level or transit) to take shots to determine the level. Well, we didn’t have one and they aren’t the cheapest things to go out and buy. So we used something called a water level.

We bought about 15m (50′) of clear plastic hose and filled it with anti-freeze. Normally you would just use water, but when working in sub-freezing temperatures, you don’t want the liquid to solidify. Plus I had a jug of trailer anti-freeze I had bought earlier anyway. You can then use the ends of the hose as a level. Where the water line is at either end is where your level point is. Isn’t gravity a fun thing?

Anyway, if we ever get a break from the snow and cold, I’m sure there will be more construction going on. I still need to get back to building the room for our composting toilet, which is currently covered in snow. Oh well, it will happen when it happens.

Until then, we’ll just keep ourselves warm by the fire and drink more hot chocolate 😀



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