A cat update

As some of you know, we have two cats: Fizgig and Gurgi. This post is all about them.

Fiz discovered the bestest, warmest place ever: the sauna created between our two laptops:


Gurgi, loves plastic bags. All of them. And no matter what you do, he always sticks his head through the small handle.


Fiz likes to climb on people. This can create some pretty amusing situations. Like this one, which I like to call A Cat on a Hat on a Kat



I don’t know if I was cooking or doing the dishes, but Gurgi decided it was time for lazer eyes.


It is often less than ideal temperature currently in the trailer, and the cats will find anyway they can to curl up with you to share body heat. This can lead to some interesting body configurations.


Here is a picture of Gurgs getting “wubbins”. You can see he is really thrilled.


Luckily, when things get really bad, perhaps too cold, or we just need a break, we can head down to Ottawa and visit some family. This is where Fiz takes advantage of the big sun beams available 🙂



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