Frozen Birthday

Well, if you remember my last scenery post, you’ll remember we were at the stage of having received a bunch of snow, but it was all melting. Well, that’s changed.

Not unlike many areas, we have been getting our fair share of snow. In fact, it has snowed, at some point, every day for the last eight days or so. Two of those days were non-stop. To put this in perspective, this is what it looked like outside when we got up this morning:





Pretty awesome looking and it was really nice outside. However it was 2 degrees inside the trailer when I got up (Kat stayed in bed). It took a long time to get the fire going too, which didn’t help. Interesting thing to be doing on your birthday: trying to get the fire going.

Yes, it was my birthday today. Not much was different than most of the other days, though I did splurge and have steak for dinner 🙂

Anyway, we were eventually successful and got the trailer back up to 21 degrees. All I had to do was go outside to work on things. Seems that’s the best way to get the fire going and warm up the trailer for some reason.

Firewood is the thing we are running out of, so I was working on that today. I’ll probably be working on that tomorrow as well. The shelter is a bit behind schedule, but we should be back on by this coming Wednesday. After that’s done, I’ll do another post on how we went about building it.


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