More Autumn

I know this is late, as the pictures you are about to see are not an accurate representation of what the weather and scenery are like right now up here, but just imagine you’ve traveled back in time to October 11th, 2014 and then you’ll get the sense of what you’re looking at.

On that fine day, Kat and I decided to take a walk around the property. One needs to take time out from all of the projects we have going on to enjoy the scenery. So we did.

If you head back over to my Land HO! post, you’ll see a picture of a nice, green grassy driveway up a hill. Well, this is what it looks like now.


Most of the leaves have fallen and it makes for a nice carpet.

Because there weren’t any bugs and the leaves were all down, we weren’t hindered at all in our explorations so we were able to get a much better sense of the layout of the land. We did a lot of “off trail” wandering about the property and discovered quite a few interesting things, mostly involving trees. Take these two, for example.


This is a cedar tree growing out of a white birch. That must have taken some doing and the two trees must have a pretty intimate relationship going. What they do when the sun goes down, I have no idea… not sure I want to know either.

Moving right along, we come to a fallen tree that has created a nice bridge over a little gully that, currently, is free of water, but I’m sure it’s a different story in the spring time. The other fun thing about this tree is it has a smurf apartment complex at the near end.


If you keep heading in the direction the bridge log is pointing, you end up at our neighbour to the south’s tiny lake. Looks a lot less inviting since we saw it last during the spring. Ahh, such is the seasons.


Next is a very interesting situation. Hopefully you can see the details of the picture well enough. One tree has fallen over a branch of a second tree, and instead of dying, the fallen tree has used the branch as a support, and grown over it. Both trees had healthy crowns. Quite bizarre. Usually if a tree falls over, it’s game over.


Here is a fun one. Some porcupines have been munching on this one. All of the needles and much of the bark has been stripped off this tree, leaving only a small bit at the top, creating an effect called a ‘Witches Broom’. Rather apt for this time of year.


Finally, for our last picture, we have the rocky out cropping. This is really the only exposed rocky section we have, and it has a bunch of cedar trees growing on it, but it looks very nice. Not much of a challenge as far as rock climbing goes, definitely around the 5-0 range, but it’s all we have. It goes up a fair ways, though probably not a full pitch’s worth.


That’s all the scenery for today. There will be other posts soon about some of the other stuff we have had going on since we moved up.


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