Straw Bales

Ohhhhh, we’re half way theeeerrrrreeee
Ohhhh-oh, livin’ in a trailer,
With straw bales, we’ll make it, I sweeaarrr
Ohhhh-oh, livin’ in a trailer.

Or, something along those lines. You see, we had a bunch of straw bales delivered yesterday. How many is ‘a bunch’? Well, in this case, it’s 600. Yup, we had a tractor trailer pull up beside the driveway full of straw bales which we then proceeded to unload into pickup trucks and haul them into the property and store in the shipping container we recently acquired.

Here is a picture of the delivery truck. After the problems we had with the shipping container, I knew it wasn’t going to get in the driveway.


So, as I said, we loaded them into the truck…


… and ferried them to the shipping container.


We had three friends helping us (Sophia, Andres and Gerald) and we managed to move all 600 bales in just over two hours. Many thank yous go to our helpers. Unfortunately, the shipping container wasn’t large enough to hold all 600 bales, so we had to stack some around it and on top. The final result looked something like this.


All in all, it went really well. The bales arrived at 8am and we were all done just after 10am. It took a lot less time than many of us thought it would. After that we sat down and relaxed. It was a spectacular autumn day. Really warm and sunny and all of the fall colours out in full force. Don’t believe me? Well, here are some pictures.




All of these were taken on the property, but the whole region is a-bloom with colours. The drives back and forth to the land are fraught with amazing autumnnesses.

We took a walk up the road to the top of the hill on the property where the big pond is, though, it has way less water in it now. Sophia and Andres brought Mina, their dog, and she decided the pond was a great place to go for a swim.


If you head back and take a look at the pictures I posted of this very same pond on the Land Ho post, you can get an impression of just how much the water has dropped. It was over the lip I was standing on to take the picture, but it’s probably down close to 2m in the picture above. We’ve seen tracks in the mud beside it where deer and/or moose come down to take a sip.

Well, we’ll be up there permanently on soon, so maybe we’ll get to see some of that wildlife.


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