The Adventure Continues

My, my there is a lot to get caught up on, and little time to do it. You see, we’re frantically trying to pack up our current residence and move it, all at the same time as trying to make the land we purchased liveable. This is why the posts have been lacking, so I’ll try to do some catchup.

Last we spoke, we were removing trees to have the driveway redone. The original driveway entrance looked like this:


We marked off the new location, got the permit for the driveway, and then scheduled to have the big machinery come in. Well, it did. Here is a picture just as it was starting to dig out the new entrance.


You can see me in my tree cutting outfit too. I was cutting down trees further back in the property while the driveway was being dug out. All in all, it went really smoothly, with no problems. The guy we ended up getting to do it (Doug Olmstead) was really nice and right close by, which made it convenient.

Here is a picture of the finished driveway.


You can also read a more lengthy post about the driveway work over at my partner Kat’s blog.

So, that was all and good, but there is still much to be done. Like moving the trailer. We wanted to move the trailer so the side with the door is facing south for the best sun exposure. Unfortunately, we don’t have a hookup to move the trailer on our truck, so we had to pay someone to come move it for us. It wasn’t moving far, so it didn’t cost all that much, but if you can’t move it yourself, it was worth every penny.

So here you can see where the trailer was.


And poof, it’s gone, teleported to it’s new location just like that (you pay extra for that service).


If you have good hired help, it appears in the spot you wanted it.


I must say, it was a fair amount of work to level it, as the ground was uneven, but we managed to get it level after several hours of effort. Once again, you can read a more in-depth coverage of the trailer moving over on Kat’s blog.

Okay, driveway is in and the trailer is moved. What’s next? Well, one of the whole reasons we had the driveway done, was so we could get large trucks to deliver things to us. Well, apparently that didn’t work out so well, at least for the size of the trucks that were bringing the stuff.

You see, we bought a 40′ (12.2m) shipping container which arrived on a 75′ (22.9m) long truck. We couldn’t get it into the driveway; the road was too narrow to complete the turn. We probably would have needed to make the driveway twice as wide for it to have had a chance. It also didn’t help that it was pouring rain at the time, making dirt roads and driveways quite mushy. We ended up putting it in the old driveway along the side of the road.


So, how do you fix this problem? Call the guy with the excavator to come back and drag it into position.


He dragged it back out onto the road, and then just pulled it up the driveway.


… and kept dragging it, and dragging it..


Until we he got it close to the spot where we wanted it. We chose to put it where the trailer had been as the spot was fairly level.


With a little more maneuvering, he was able to gently drop it onto the spot.


It probably took about 30 min actual work to get the shipping container into its final resting place. They also fixed all of the gouges and torn up places on the driveway and road after dragging the container, so that was nice too. I’m sure the township would have something to say if we left a trench through the road.


After all that, I even managed to get the door on the container open.


All in all, we had some complications, but we managed to get them fixed. Now we can move onto the next set of problems, and believe me, there are still many to tackle.

I will take this opportunity to mention a few of the important things I’ve learned doing all of this. First off, it’s very important that when you are hiring people to do work with large machinery to be there to direct and answer questions. If you’re there, it’s easy enough to say, “Oh, we need this a bit wider” or “can you make it less steep”. These are things that are easy for the operators to handle, but if you’re not there, you won’t know until you see it later.

It’s also important you know where your property lines are. Don’t hire someone to build you a road on your land and then blame them when you don’t know where your property lines are and the road ends up partially on a neighbour’s lot. Yet another reason to be on-site, as well.

Anyway, we eventually hope to be able to relax a bit, but for now we’re running around like busy bees. I guess we’ll have to leave the lounging around to our cats. At least they have a nice sun beam to lie in.


The journey continues, and there is light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s a bit fuzzy.



2 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues”

    1. I think the part they hate the most is the transportation. They have had a lot of trips back and forth to the property and they are getting tired of spending all that time in their carriers. Once they’re there, they settle in okay.

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