Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend

As it turned out, we had a very interesting weekend (July 19/20). Having just acquired our land we decided to go spend the weekend on it. It does, after all, have a big trailer.

Kat (my partner) and I have no experience with big trailers so there is a big learning curve when it comes to figuring out all of the systems. We figured out the electrical systems, but we couldn’t get the propane stove to light so that is still a work in progress. Also, we need to fill the water tanks before we can get running water in the trailer.

There were a few bugs to contend with, and the trailer needs to be leveled, but over all it was a fun change to stay there.

But that’s not all we did.

You see, the area around Bancroft is turning into quite the Earthship hot spot. When we went down on Wednesday to pick up the keys for the trailer we also met another couple who just bought land and are preparing to build an Earthship. We spent the afternoon with Sophia and Andres talking all about Earthships and plans and all that. It was a tonne of fun.

During our conversations, they mentioned there was another gentleman, named Phillipe, who was also building an Earthship close by. We looked up his website and sent him an email. He comes up every weekend to work on his Earthship and we decided to go join him for some tire pounding fun on Saturday.

This is what his build site looked like when we got there.


As you can see, he’s only done the first course of tires so far, but that’s quite a bit further along that we are. We all got to pound some dirt into tires that day, though much discussion was also had regarding everything Earthships. I did get photographic evidence of Kat pounding her first tire.

(Screenshot or it didn’t happen)


Here is a picture of Phillipe pushing dirt into a tire in preparation for pounding it.


Sophia and Andres also came by in the afternoon to help out. We were a merry bunch.


Of course, the environmental inspector had to come around to make sure we were building a sustainable, green building. They’re always difficult to impress, but I think this one was more interested in the foliage around the build site.


We also made some other interesting connections. The first Earthship in Canada was built by Pat and Chuck Potter some 16 years ago or more, just down the road from Phillipe’s. Below is a youtube video of them talking about their Earthship.

As it happens, their grandson, Justin, has an Earthship in the next lot beside Phillipe’s. He’s also the engineer who is working with Phillipe on his drawings. We met him as well on Saturday. He’s worked on about eight different Earthship projects so far.

On top of that, some friends/neighbours of Sophia and Andres came by just to see what we were doing. When you build an Earthship, be prepared to get a lot of interested visitors.

All in all, it was a great weekend, though it was quite warm on Saturday. Drink lots of water when you’re pounding tires in the heat and humidity.

Oh, and thank you Phillipe for feeding us lunch too 🙂


One thought on “Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend”

  1. Nice. The “Environmental Inspector” was the best part. Sooo cute! And all that green. Tis a very Irish land, isn’t it. Sure beats the bejabbers outta the desert. OY Glad y’all had a grand time of it!

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