Tour: Phil’s house

The tours are almost all done. I’m down to my last two, but I saved some good ones for the end.

Today, we will be touring Phil’s house. Well, I should really say houses, because there are two Earthships on this tour: Phil’s and the house beside his that he bought after it was vacated and fixed up a bit.

Phil is the longest standing Earthship crew member, as far as I know. He’s been with working with Mike Reynolds and Earthship Biotecture since 1992. He built his own Earthship, basically just him and his wife. The design he used is a little different and is more similar to the older U-module Earthships.

Here is a shot of the exterior.


I think you can see right away, there is that two story add-on at the left side of the picture. Not something you’ve seen on any of the other tours.

On the far side of the add-on, they had a small chicken coop.


As we move into the house, the first thing we see are plants, of course.


Moving over a bit, while still facing south towards the front of the house, we have the kitchen. Notice it’s right up against the glass like in some of the other U-module styles we have seen. They also had the shades down on the windows.


Turning to the right a bit, we can see the entrance to Phil’s son’s room. We didn’t get to go in there as the attack cat perched above would purr furiously if we approached. Maybe a sacrificial can of tuna might have helped.

You can also see Phil’s head in the foreground at the bottom right.


Continuing to turn around, facing the opposite the kitchen we have a small living room. You can see stairs at the back.


Those stairs I just mentioned lead up to a platform where the master bedroom was. Underneath it was a seating area where they have a TV.


Here is what the TV room looked like, looking down into it.


And here is what it looked like looking out from it.


This is what the master bedroom looked like up on the platform.


Phil did mention that, if he were to do it again, he wouldn’t use this design. Because of the extra height required by the platform, it makes the interior space quite large. It gets a bit cool during the winter. Nothing really bad, but it’s not an optimal performer.

Of course, no tour would be complete without a picture of the bathroom. They just had a simple claw foot tub. I guess I lied when I said that the Suttan house was the only one that didn’t have a custom tub.


Remember that two-story add-on that we saw from the outside? Well, if you climb up the stairs (which I don’t have a picture of, booo) you’ll arrive at Phil’s daughter’s bedroom. Purple sheets too!


The attack cat was doing a head count as we exited the building.


Next, we moved out to see the house next door. It was a fairly similar design to Phil’s house, but it didn’t have the two-story add-on.


The first thing you see when you come in the door from the east side, is the kitchen. There wasn’t anyone living in this house, so all of the shelves were pretty empty. Phil was planning to rent it out.


Opposite the kitchen, was a seating area used as a dining room. At the back you can see the stairs leading up to the platform.


This is what it looked like in the area under the platform. That’s Phil’s left arm on the left side of the picture.


Lifting your head up, we can see the bedroom up on the platform and Phil’s head on the left side.


I walked up the stairs to the platform and turned around and took this picture so you can see the entrance, the kitchen and the dining area.


Up on the platform, we have the bed. This house only had the one bedroom.


Standing on the platform and looking out towards the front you can see the planters under the front face glass.


Last, but not least, the bathroom. Well, really just the shower. They didn’t have a tub in this house. Really simple stuff here.


Well, that’s all for today. Phil was a great guy, really laid back and we learned quite a bit from him. His home was pretty nifty too. And his last name is Basehart. How could you not love that 😛

Thanks Phil.


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