Tour: The Pyramid

This tour is really short. That’s because this next structure is really small. It’s not even an Earthship. It’s a pyramid.


This little guy was right beside the castle where I was staying. It’s small. It only has one room with two levels connected by a ladder. I do apologize as the pictures aren’t that great. It was really cramped inside so it was difficult to get the camera far enough away so you could really see what was going on.

Anyway, this is the entrance.


I should also mention the structure you see in the background on the left side of the above picture. That is what was called the Turbine house. It had a vertical axis wind turbine on the top that ran for almost 30 years with no maintenance. That’s a lot of continuous power generation. It is no longer running now, though.

Back to the pyramid. When you go inside, there is a small room with a ladder in it. The interior walls on the bottom level were all bottles, as you can see.


Going up the ladder, it gets even more cramped, but I did manage to take this picture of where some of the plaster had come off the wall, showing the old steel cans that were used to build the outer structure. You can also see how the little flower shape created by the bottles really shows the light.


Those are all of the pictures I took, but I have included some really old pictures I scanned out of one of my Earthship books that show it being built.



It’s always fun to finish with a double rainbow 🙂



One thought on “Tour: The Pyramid”

  1. Hey Dave! We totally remember you! Sweet project here man, keep fit and climb on the earthship project seems really cool, we’ll definitely be checking in.
    Until we meet again

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