Tour: The Suttan house

Here we are once again, visiting another Earthship. This one was a one bedroom global model belonging to a Ms Suttan. I never did catch her first name.

This was was very well decorated, including the landscaping outside, as you can see below.


Unfortunately, this is early spring and a lot of the outdoor plants haven’t started up again yet. You can see the nice path work with the stones though.

This house also had a garage, but it was detached from the house. As you can see, it was also built using the same principles as Earthship homes: cans and bottles.


Here is a better look at the interior of the garage. You can see the back wall is done with tires. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t go with the logs for the roof of a garage though. Seems a bit excessive/expensive.


After that, we move inside and have our standard shot looking down the green house hallway. The planters are all very neat and tidy. Shades on the windows allow you to control the amount of sun coming in. Those ropes hanging down from the ceiling are used to open and close the skylight vents.


The first room we move into is the bedroom. Unfortunately, this next picture is blurry. That happens to me a lot. Dang phone.


Ms. Suttan also had a loom in her bedroom. You’ll get to see some of her weavings when we get to the living room.


Next is the bathroom. I think this is the only Earthship I was in that didn’t have a custom tub. The funky stone work is really nice though.


She had this awesome brass bowl for a sink. Of course, it’s blurry too.


The kitchen looks a lot like the other global model kitchens we’ve seen, though that tile work on the wall must have taken quite the effort.


Turning around, we have the living room. Here you can see the evidence of what has come out of that loom in the bedroom.


In the corner of the living room there was this weird light-in-a-bowl-of-smoke thing. Looked like it was dry ice kind of smoke/steam. I don’t think it was a humidifier as most Earthships have quite a bit of humidity.


The last picture is of the hutch on the side that had the really funky chess board on it.


I don’t know if Ms Suttan gives a lot of tours, but her house looked like it was staged for selling. It was really neat and tidy. Not that that is a bad thing. It gives us all something to aspire to 😛


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