Tour: The Phoenix

Our next stop, is The Phoenix. Chances are, if you’ve looked for Earthship pictures on the net before, you’ve seen pictures of The Phoenix. It’s Earthships taken to the next level. It’s huge, it has a double greenhouse and you can buy it for $1.5 million, if you so desire. I recommend you rent it for a while before deciding if you want to buy it 😉

Let’s start with the outside. This is a shot of the back, as we arrived. There is a funky phoenix head sculpture there in the center.


After that, we came around to the east side, where there is an entrance and also a little patio area. You can see me taking a picture in the reflection of the window.


Then we come around to the front. That’s as far back as I could get to take the picture without standing behind a wall and as you can see, the whole thing doesn’t fit into the frame.


The first thing we see, as we come in from the front, is how lush and green everything is. In the interior of that round section sticking out the front we saw above is a little sitting area. It’s surrounded by greenery…


… pools of water with fountains…


… and fish in the pools as well.


Here are some greenery shots. This will give you some idea of just how big the space is and how much is growing in it.


It really feels like a jungle in there, especially with all of the humidity. It was especially warm in there as well.


Here is a closeup of a flower tree that was in the greenhouse.


Yes, they had birds living in the outer greenhouse as well. Three cockatiels, to be more precise. They were staying out of reach, probably pretty freaked out from the huge number of people.


Once we’ve passed through the outer greenhouse and into the house proper, we find ourselves in the kitchen. This is a shot looking towards the back.


This shot is from the back of the kitchen looking towards the front.


The next room over from the kitchen was a living room with a very funky fireplace. It was very funky, because it’s also a waterfall. It wasn’t running when we were there, but the fireplace is the black spot at the back and the waterfall runs down both sides into a small pool at the bottom. It’s quite the setup.


Here is another seating area, opposite the fireplace. This is still inside the main house, not in the outer greenhouse. As you can see, it has its own greenery as well. Thus the double greenhouse I was mentioning earlier.


Moving right along, this is a greenery-obscured view of one of the bedrooms.


Of course, we have the standard shot of the bathtub/shower. I should have taken this picture vertically as well, as you can’t see the shower head. Unfortunately, the bathroom wasn’t big enough for me to get back far enough for that while at the same time taking in the entire width of the custom tub. Fortunately, I can say with assurance, that pictures of this bathroom abound on the internet.


Here we have a shot of the master bedroom, which is built on a raised dais. It looked dang cozy too.


Yet another bedroom, looking into the back.


And we’re back outside now, visiting the chickens.


They have worked on making The Phoenix as self-sufficient as possible, in terms of food production. They had koi in the ponds that I saw, but there was supposed to be another pond with talapia as well. I didn’t see them, but you can watch a youtube video where they go fishing in the house, cook it up, add some salad greens and what not to demonstrate the whole food process. Add in the chickens and The Phoenix could support you quite well.


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