Tour: Sally’s House

On today’s tour, we will be visiting Sally’s house. I don’t know Sally, but she was kind enough to let us all into her Earthship so we could look around.

Sally has an older U-Module style Earthship. You may, or may not, notice the differences, but I’ll try to point some of them out as we go along.

Here is the shot from outside.


The first thing you’ll see there is that the solar panels aren’t mounted on the house. She just has the pair mounted on the pole at the back. I don’t think she had the auto-tracking installed on that so she would just go outside and adjust the angle of the panels to face the sun as the day goes by. It’s a bit more manual, but it does get you out of the house more often 😉

As we enter the house, you get to see the large, spacious planter she has up against the front glass.


… and here is a better shot of that tree you saw at the top of the previous picture.


Next we have the kitchen, right up against the glass. One of the biggest differences between the older models and the Global model, is the separation between the living spaces and the green house. In the global model, there is another glass wall that separates all of the rooms from the green house, which provides a buffer zone to maintain temperature. These older models don’t quite maintain the same stable temperature throughout the seasons. Most of the people living in the older models don’t mind that, though.


If you turn around 180 degrees from the kitchen there is a living room area. Unfortunately, I wasn’t standing far enough back so you can’t really see the depth of the room.


The next room over was the bedroom. You may notice the back walls of the rooms are all curved. That is a distinctive feature of the U-module style Earthships. All of the rooms are in the shape of a big U, with the open part facing south (in the northern hemisphere, anyway).


Once again, I took a picture of the shower. Sally’s shower was very interesting. It was just this curtained off slab, right up against the glass. Talk about showering in the sunshine. It’s also surrounded by plants, so it would feel like bathing in the jungle. You can’t see it in the picture here, but there were other planters that were put beside the steps leading up to the shower, so if you spill any water, they would catch it.


Sally’s house was very low tech and simple. Very small solar power system, very simple water system. There wasn’t even a toilet inside. She had a composting toilet outside the house. I’m sure it was really cheap to build, though.

Here is a parting shot of Sally’s old black Volkswagen beetle 😉



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