Tour: Global v2

Next on the tour circuit is another global model Earthship. This was referred to as a version 2 global model. This one will look a bit different on the inside as this was actually someone’s house, not an empty house for rent or purchase.

As usually, we’ll start with the outside shot.


As you can see, this one has a few extra solar panels. I should also mention this one is a two bedroom model. The first one we looked at was only a one bedroom.

Once you step through the door, you’re into the green house. You can see how the owner has increased the growing capacity by adding the hanging pots to the green house. Yay, more food 🙂


Here is a shot of some kale and the start of a pineapple there on the right side. Pineapples do take quite a while to grow into a fruit, around two years, but it sure would be fun to grow your own.


And more foody things growing in the buckets.


The first room we looked in was the second bedroom, which the owner had converted into a work area.


After that we have the actual bedroom, with some fancy bottle work up top. That is another one of those closet separator walls like we saw in the hut.


This is the only shot I have from the bathroom. I usually like to take a picture of the shower/bath tub setup. In this house, they didn’t have a bathtub, just the shower, though the space is pretty big. You could put in a tub if you wanted.


Here is a blurry picture taken of the kitchen when standing in the living room. Try to ignore the fact that my finger is in the picture as well. Cameras on phones don’t always have intuitive places for you to put your hands/fingers when taking a picture.


Here is a closer picture of the kitchen, still a bit blurry, but you can’t see my finger nearly as well 😛


Then, if you turn around 180 degrees, we can see a shot of the living room.


All in all, a nice little home. You’ll find the ones that are actually lived in have a better feel to them, especially when it comes to the plants. People who live in Earthships generally grow a lot more food. A lot of the plants in the rental units aren’t food plants; they’re used mainly for grey water filtering.


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