Tour: The Hut

Our next tour takes us to The Hut. This is a quaint, small little home. It’s an older design than the global, but still performs fairly well, provided you take care of your home. Just like any home, really.

We’ll start with a shot of the exterior.


Some of the differences between this and the global include solar panels that can have their angle changed according to the height of the sun over the year. They got rid of that system on the global and just mount them at the yearly average. It might seem like you’ll get better solar gain with the system that you can adjust, but they get so much sun in New Mexico that it didn’t really make any difference, and it allowed them to save costs and reduce complexity by just solid mounting the panels. Also, they’re less likely to be ripped off in big winds.

You can also see the old style solar hot water heater, with the tank up at the top on the right side of the picture. These were difficult to install. They use just the panel hot water heaters now, that pipes it down to heating tank inside the house.

You may have noticed something interesting over there on the left side of the picture. Here is a closer look.


This is solar oven built on top of the septic tank. This makes sure the anaerobic processes that the septic tank relies on won’t go dormant during the winter. Septic tanks like it when it’s warm, so they’re using the sun to warm it up and keep things churning.

Moving right along, here you can see a big grey water planter full of banana trees. No fruit on these ones, but every Earthship I visited had at least one banana tree 🙂


Next we have the kitchen. It’s small, for sure, but cosy too. The cupboards were made from palette lumber, and in-filled with various things from bamboo to scrap copper. You can also see the standard Sunfrost fridge at the righ edge of the picture.


The bedroom was cute, with a back partition for closet space. So, you can walk behind the wall the head board of the bed is up against to access your closet and have a little changing area too.


The bedroom is actually in a domed room, with a skylight at the apex. Here is a detail shot of that.


As you can see, there is a rope coming down so you can open and close the skylight to regulate the temperature. They also did the ceiling using fabric instead of wood or stucco. It also helps to absorb the echos off the concrete dome ceiling.

Here is a shot of the washroom. The shower/tub is in the back there against the glass. The glass is frosted, of course, for privacy sake. I do like the idea of taking a shower in sunlight, though.


Lastly, we have the living room which is another domed, circular area. This one has a fire place too.


Once again, they used fabric to cover the ceiling in the living room. Here is a detail of that. It’s a little different than the bedroom details.


All in all, a nice, cosy spot, but not a lot of storage.


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