Academy, Day 24

Today was interesting on many levels. First of all, it was cold and we woke up to some interesting cloud formations.


Yes, that is also a pyramid in the picture. I have more pictures of it that I will put up when I get to the tours set of posts.

Anyway, as you may recall, I mentioned that we were doing the exam today. It went pretty well; it wasn’t too difficult. We had three hours and I think most of us were out in 1.5 hours. I checked mine three times and I still made a dumb error. Oh well, I’m hoping I will make up for it with the extra credit sections.

Things were pretty relaxed after that as we didn’t have to be back for field work until 13:00. A bunch of people took off to town for lunch. Myself and a couple others went back to the house for some extra weather gear. I put on a sweater and got to wear my toque πŸ™‚

When we made it to the site my group was working at today, there was only three of us. All we were doing was pounding more tires, so it wasn’t very exciting, but it does keep you warm.


Oh, did I mention it was snowing? Yeah well, it was a bit on and off and then it really started to come down. Our supervisor said to pack up. So we did. Here is what it looked like when we were heading back home.


This is what it looked like when we made it back to the house.


I took a video of it snowing as well, but I can’t upload it here without paying for an upgrade, so you’ll have to do without πŸ˜› I should also mention that we had thunder and lightning along with this snow. It was pretty wacky. The snow itself wasn’t in flake form either. It totally looked like little balls of polystyrene.

Anyway, we came back to the house and I lit a fire. It’s all good. We have field work in the morning tomorrow, then a free lunch and a Q & A session with Mike. After that, we’re done. I’ll be leaving Saturday morning to head back to Albuquerque and I catch my flight on Sunday morning. It’s almost over.


5 thoughts on “Academy, Day 24”

  1. Crap. That means you’ll be home soon, and I still haven’t had a chance to steal you wife yet….
    Oh! I mean, “Yay! You’ll be home soon!” πŸ˜‰

  2. We used to call that Thunder-Snow. And snow in the form of those little balls….I remember those too. Nice to actually get some weather…here, it’s always sunny and warm, sunny and warm, sunny and warm. It stinks. Not that I’m not thankful mind you, just that weather here is boring as all get out. Glad you had a terrific time!
    Mums in AZ

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