Academy, Day 19

Today is Friday and that means a full day of work, no class. We arrived in the morning on site and I was put to work setting up scaffolding. We needed this so we could work on constructing the beam that the vigas will sit on. This beam runs across the top of the vertical green house wall, which was framed out yesterday. Here is a picture of my wonderful scaffolding job.


The scaffolding didn’t take all that long to put up, but then we had to move a large number of 16 foot, 2″x12″ lumber that was used to create the beam. I also helped to attach those vertical 2″x6″ guide boards to the outside of the wall so we had a flush point to work from. Here is a close up of the beam in progress. You can see it is a sandwich of five layers of 2″x12″. These layers are both nailed and glued, so it’s one dang solid beam.


After all of the layers of the beam were in place, we had to put a cap on it. Someone caught a picture of me hammering nails into the cap and I managed to get it from them so you can see me in action.


I should also mention that my group also had a lab to attend today. We were doing plumbing stuff in the lab. Remember that WOM I mentioned the other day? Well, we were given a tub of parts and were told to put one together. It was a bit like a puzzle, and we had some guidance from Lou, the plumber, but we were eventually successful, though it didn’t look very tidy. Here is a picture of our built WOM.


So now I can build my own WOM, though they use a tonne of PVC down here. I’m hoping I can use other stuff besides PVC because of all the negatives associated with the stuff. Not to mention I wasn’t too thrilled about using teflon tape on the threaded joints.

Tomorrow will be classes and then another tour. I’ll try to get posting on some of the tours we have taken soon.


7 thoughts on “Academy, Day 19”

  1. Looks like you are having a really fun (?) time. Just remember, you can wrap the tape carefully, so that it never needs to come in contact with your water supply, and if you are really concerned about your incoming supply, you can use copper pipe. It’s just harder to work with.

    Love Colleen

      1. Your dad says that there is more than one kind of tape, and it seems to me that I read somewhere that PVC piping is not legal here in Canada for incoming water supply…but i can’t find that anywhere. A local plumber would know

      2. Yeah, I had another plumber mention that PVC wasn’t kosher in Canada either, but they still sell the stuff at Home Depot and such, so I find that a bit confusing.

  2. If you’re not cooking with it, is Teflon a problem? Or are you worried about chemical leaching? The only alternative(s) I can find quickly seem to be pipe dope. Likely as unpleasant a substance. ~K~

      1. It is not so much that you cannot use PVC in Canada, but WHERE. For example it can be used for waste water pipe. C

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