Academy, Day 17

Started the day today with a lot of fast moving clouds. I managed to snap this really funky picture where you can see the sunbeams shining down on the mountains. I wasn’t sure it would turn out, but it did so life is good ๐Ÿ™‚


We had another double session of Food Production with Michelle today. She went over things like using heirloom seeds, saving seeds, food preservation, pest control, composting and what food plants are safe to plant in a black water cell, and which ones are not. Useful stuff all around.

The weather didn’t really improve by the time we finished lunch. It was still cloudy and windy and that means it’s pretty cold too. I really thought it was gonna dump rain on us, as it was doing so all around us. We did get a few drops, but nothing sustained. Here is an afternoon weather pic for ya.


This did allow us to get some more work done on site, and I didn’t need to put on any sunscreen, so that was a bonus. My group built forms for another concrete pour that goes on top of the footing we poured a few days ago, but only on the spots where there is no door. So we attached the door frames to the vertical green house wall footing and then built the forms around it.

In this next picture you can see the footing, with the door frames attached and a whole bunch of rebar sticking up out of it, with another piece of horizontal rebar tied to each of them. This is one of the sections where the stem pour, as it’s called, was going to happen. So we cut some lumbar, did some measuring, checked it with a level and screwed it all in place, draining all of the batteries for the drills on site ๐Ÿ˜›


I have to say, I enjoyed this much more than digging out the planter cells, which is what I did yesterday. Others were still working on that today, and there is another one to dig over in the garage. I hope I’m not on that tomorrow.

Anyway, after building the forms, we filled them with concrete. Here you can see that happening.


These forms will be removed once the concrete sets. You can also see the anchor bolts that are inserted into the concrete. These are used to attach the nailer plates to the concrete pour. The rest of the framing for this vertical green house wall will probably go up tomorrow. Then we have to build a big beam to go over top of all of the whole thing. Then the “vigas” are gonna be put on, probably Monday is what we were told. A viga is just a native word for log. These logs are 12″ in diameter and about 28′ long. They’re massive. There will be a crane to help with those.

But I’m getting ahead of myself ๐Ÿ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Academy, Day 17”

  1. Good info, great pics, hard work, schweet weather, nice clouds. Is it nice to know that if it precipitates on you that it’ll be rain instead of snow/ice? hehehehehe……………Nice for a change, eh?
    Mums in AZ

    1. Actually, no it’s not. Because if it does rain, that means the ground turns into super sticky mud that makes your boots twice as heavy. Not to mention the mess it makes. I’ll take the snow that evaporates before it melts ๐Ÿ˜‰

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