Academy, Day 16

Another day, more Earthship stuff. First thing this morning we learned about the Water Organization Module, or WOM. I even have a picture of one.


This contains all of the filters, and pumps, and pressure switches and so on so you can get water to all of your fixtures. There is also a pressure tank involved in this, but it’s not included in that picture.

After WOM class, we watched two short films. One was a British production that was completely animated showing some Earthship basics. The other was a really bad movie that was made by some film students at one of the Earthships in Taos.

Back on the work site I learned the valuable lesson of being well equipped and how much some machines can save you time and back pain. We were put on the task of digging out the grey water planters that go up against the front, sloped glass. I don’t know if I have mentioned this, but the soil here is mostly clay, with no water in it, so it’s just one step above rock hard. We were short on jack hammers too, so this was a slow going, intensive workout.

Here is a picture of Mat, one of the guys living in the Castle with me during the Academy. I caught him mid laugh 🙂 He was helping out with the digging.


In case you wanted to see what the buttresses look like after you take off the forms, here is the picture. The bolts along the edge will be used to attach door frames and such to the edge of the buttress.


It was hot and dusty today too. We were all pretty much covered head to toe with dust just from the wind picking it up off the dirt we were shoveling. Here is a picture of where we ended up on the dig.


Not bad progress, but a back hoe could have done it in an hour or so. We spent three and a half hours working on it with one jack hammer and two pick axes. I’ll remember this experience when I get to building my own 🙂


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