Academy, Day 12

Ahhhh, Friday. Full work day. We don’t do class on Fridays, we just do work. This morning, Phil, one of the guys in charge says, “we need someone to pound that last precarious tire at the end of the pony wall.” I immediately yelled, “I’ll do it!”. I think he was a bit surprised by that cause it took him a moment to respond. “Who said that?”

So, I got my stuff together, put a tire on top of the wall, filled it with cardboard and started to put dirt into it. Once I got it fairly full, I got myself up on the wall and proceeded to pound it full. Here is a picture of me in action.


Having a lot of experience in precarious places being a rock climber, standing on this wall pounding a tire with a sledge hammer was pretty easy. I finished it up and then I was given another really nifty job. I had to measure all of the can wall formwork, the footings and the buttress forms to get an accurate estimate for the amount of concrete we were going to order. So I wandered around with a measuring tape and verified all of the dimensions and worked out the cubic yards of concrete we would need. It was around 16.8 cubic yards. That’s a lot, because the trucks that deliver it only hold 9 cubic yards, so we’ll need two trucks.

I had a lot of fun doing that, cause it’s something I find pretty easy to do. I do math all the time as a programmer so this was a no brainer. Phil double checked my calculations and we found one mistake that I fixed easily.

Meanwhile, while I was doing all of this, others were busy working away finishing the can wall formwork. Here is a picture of what was put on top of that last tire I pounded at the end of the pony wall.


After I finished the concrete estimate, I jumped in on pounding tires for the the front face. This is only two courses and we had quite a few people working on it so we got almost the whole thing done today. I think we were short by three tires at the end of the day. I did a lot of leveling of tires that had been pounded. I think I did ten or twelve, including three that I pounded completely myself. Here is a picture of the front face tire wall.


Others were working on finishing the can wall work up top. You can see that all coming together in this picture.


And then there are the buttresses. Yeah, those wooden forms up against the tire wall. Those will be poured with concrete that connects to the bond beam at the top of the tire wall. All of the buttress forms are in place, and securely fixed in place so they don’t explode off the wall when the concrete is poured in, which would be a big bummer. Phil said he has seen it happen. I’m sure it’s not pretty.


I think I achieved a new level today. I felt pretty awesome at the end of the day. I wasn’t tired or out of energy and I felt like I had done some really useful stuff. I guess I’m getting into better shape. This is a good thing 🙂


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