Academy, Day 8

We had Sunday (yesterday) off so I used that time to do my post about pounding tires. Today, it was back to the regular class in the morning and work in the afternoon.

We learned about capturing water from the sky from Mike Reynolds. This involves configuring the roof of your house to catch water, instead of shedding water. After that we did electrical systems with Phil. Looking at all of the components from the Photo Voltaic cells, to the charge controller, the batteries, the inverter and the breaker panels. We’ll be going more into detail with that later.

As for work, I started on finishing the tire work on the end of the pony wall. Here is a picture from the floor level.


And here is a picture looking down from the top of the wall. You can’t really appreciate the height because, of course, the picture is in 2D.


Here is a picture of two of my academy mates digging out the bed for the footing for the greenhouse wall. This is a wall of mostly glass that separates the main rooms from the green house. The outside stem wall is about six feet (2 meters) to the right.


We also had a wickedly windy day today. The weather authority here said there is a wind warning of 25 to 40 MPH with gusts up to 60 MPH. That’s 40 to 65 KPH with gusts up to 100 KPH for the metric minded. Anyway you look at it, it’s frikin’ windy, especially to be standing on top of a wall pounding dirt into a tire. I did have some precarious moments. This also kicks up a lot of dust and dirt. Here is a picture of my pack half way through the afternoon.


So, I made it through the afternoon, even after discovering the other tires already on the top course weren’t done properly, or maybe weren’t finished. So I ended up finishing all of those, plus adding the extra ones at the end. Then we added the lathe for the end piece pour, but we ran out of time, so the pour will have to happen tomorrow. Here is the state of the wall at the end of the day.


Tomorrow my group will be on a different work site, so I won’t see the finishing of the pony wall. The bond beam is going on top of the tire wall next, but I’ll likely be doing adobe finishing in one of the other Earthships that are being worked on. This is good, because there is a lot more to building an Earthship than just pounding tires.


3 thoughts on “Academy, Day 8”

  1. Pony wall? Ohhh, Kat will like that! ; )
    Still looks back-breaking.
    The wall looks……quite substantial really.
    Like….once built and completed, it ain’t goin nowheres.
    Work hard, do a good job. Don’t cut corners. reminds me of an old saying: “The eagle may soar, but a weasel won’t get sucked up into a jet engine.” Ahhhh, words to live by. ; ) Have a grrreat day! Mums in AZ

  2. Hooray for obscure TV quotes, Mums.
    Though, I’m probably the only other person who will realize that.

    And yes, I am all for a wall made out of ponies.


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