Academy, Day 3

Today, we went over Earthship terminology for the first half of class, and then we watched a new Earthship movie called New Solutions. It follows a full Earthship build down in Mexico from start to finish. They did it in 20 days too. Theses guys can really make things happen.

Yay, I have some pictures.


This was the start of the hands-on work part of the day. This is a shot of the work site before we got started. I pounded my first tires today. I did two full, plus a bunch of finishing on others. We had a bit of a set back on pounding tires because we need to put in a cooling tube, but they didn’t have one to put in.


This picture was taken after we were done for the day. You can see the new tires we added and we also worked on the thermal wrap around the back. Well, my group did anyway. Others were working on other parts. I’ll be pounding tires tomorrow too, as far as I know.


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