Academy, Day 2

Today was mega busy. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures so you may be disappointed.

First off today, we had our Earthship history lesson with none other than Michael Reynolds. This is the guy who started the whole Earthship thing. He went through the early years and how all of the designs have changed quite a bit over time. There was a fun new term we learned during this though: The bummer is out there 😛

After that we had job site and tools safety training. The weather here is pretty harsh and it was pretty windy today, kicking up a tonne of dust. They went over all the things we would need to handle the weather and keep ourselves from killing each other accidentally.

After that we had lunch and then we were put to work. We were split into five groups. The first four were all pounding tires. My group was sorting, transporting and resorting tires to the job site. It all went really well and we got a lot done, more so than what the organizers had originally anticipated. We are basically at the very first stages of a new build (hopefully I’ll remember to take some pictures tomorrow). There is a good chance that we may get much further along in the build than what they had planned for, which is cool because we’ll get a lot of hands on experience with all of the systems. Not that we wouldn’t have gotten that anyway, but this will be on a brand new build as opposed to some of the retro fitting that we’re being lined up for.

Tomorrow, for my group, we’re gonna be part of the tire pounding crew.

Forward we go.


8 thoughts on “Academy, Day 2”

  1. So if killing each other accidentally is out, then killing each other intentionally is in?

    I’d no idea this was Earthships Gladiator style.

    300 II : Tires

    I think at some point you should get up on the tires, raise your sledgehammer and shout, ‘This is TAOS’.

    Extra points if done in a loincloth and sandals.


  2. Thanks for the visual, Kat. LOL…..
    Harsh weather in NM? What the heck do you think it is in CAN-A-DA!
    Do they provide dust masks? Try not to breathe the dust. Take Advil….all that tire work sounds…..tire-ing. OY
    Mums in AZ

  3. Alas….breathing is a good thing. Do the best you can.
    Also, what is ‘tire pounding’? Pounding tires? What did they ever to do you? hehehehehe…………..Seriously, what is it? Where do they get all the tires? Discount? Or free, for taking so many tires out of circulation? Are the tires the foundation of the home? or just the perimeter? What IS the foundation of the home? Yes, there will be a test. Have a good day! Mums in AZ

    1. I too want to know what is meant by “pounding tires”…

      I picture a line of people standing around with sledge hammers pounding the crap out of a pile of tires. Sounds like a great way to work off some frustration, but not very productive in terms of a finished product.

      … come to think of it, since the sledge hammer would just keep bouncing back off the tire with likely no visible change in the tire, it also sounds like a great way to produce the frustration in the first place! 🙂

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