Academy Day: -1

Well, here I am in a hotel in Albuquerque. It’s late, though my plane did arrive on time. My luggage was literally the last one off.

The flights were pretty uneventful. No major hiccups or delays. There was an interesting thing that happened while we were coming into land in Washington, DC. As I looked out the window as we were coming towards the landing strip, there was another plane basically mirroring us. It was landing at the exact same time we were and both planes seemed to land almost simultaneously. It wasn’t really an out of body experience, but it was kinda weird watching another plane land on another parallel landing strip at the exact same time as you are doing that very thing.

I waited a bit and then jumped onto another plane that brought me to Albuquerque, NM. The flight was about three hours long or so, but I was sitting next to a guy and we chatted the whole way there. He is a student at college in West Virgina, taking biology with the intent of moving forward to work in the medical field. I mentioned I was in NM to learn about Earthships and, of course, that opens up a big can of beans as you explain what that is and how it works. We talked about all sorts of things. It was a great time. Thank you Dave Taylor for a fun plane ride 🙂

Tomorrow, I’ll be catching the shuttle out to Taos and I’ll get to meet some of the others who will be joining me on the Earthship Academy crew.

The adventure has begun 😀


2 thoughts on “Academy Day: -1”

  1. I love those little moments of surrealism. Did you wonder if someone was on the other plane watching yours and wondering at the strange pattern of life?

    That said, you apparently also seem to have experienced another phenomenon known as ‘Daves on a Plane’. I think we should be grateful that Samuel L. Jackson was not on your flight. Was he?

    Hooray for successful journeys!

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